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To receive messages from happy couples who I have had the pleasure of working with always makes me

grateful and emotional.

Whether they are emails, potscards or just a text, they always make me smile.

I want to say a huge thank you for your kind words,

and another


thank you for hiring me to capture your big day

through my camera.


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pareja en el campoen verano y con puesta de sol en Mataro

“Her photographs are unique, spontaneous and artistic.”

“We would recommend Georgia to anyone looking for a professional and amazing photographer.

She captured so many special moments on our wedding day that we could not list them all.

Her photographs are unique, spontaneous and artistic, many of her photographs we could imagine in magazines, yet they are ours to treasure and remember our special day.

What we liked the most about having Georgia as our photographer was that she made us feel comfortable, she wasn’t just a professional completing one of the many tasks to take care of on the day, she becomes your friend, making every moment personal.

We had a great time every time we met Georgia, we have a wonderful wedding album and thousands of photos that will always bring a smile to our faces.”


X a v i & D i a n a


“We have photographs that speak for themselves”

“THANK YOU, our dearest Georgia. Thank you for capturing through your photographs the most beautiful moments of our lives with such care, detail and professionalism, words that truly define you.

It was very important to us that whomever we would choose to photograph our wedding should have very defined traits; we wanted a photographer who would capture moments, not poses, realism and beauty, and we came across your work and fell in love with it. Then we fell in love with you.

People retain unique moments in their memory. In our case, thanks to you, we are lucky to also have photographs that speak for themselves.

You knew how to capture in images the love we felt on our wedding day, and we also look gorgeous!

Knowing you is a pleasure and I am sure we will share lots of great moments together. Here’s to many more moments captured with sweetness.

At home, the greatest photos we have all have your signature.”


I r e n e & S a n t i



Bod colonia Güell Barcelona

“Georgia works with natural light in such an incredible way.”

“Working with Georgia is pure fun.

She made us feel so good and calm all the time, even in our most intimate moments.

She’s punctual, careful, detailed and she works with natural light in such an incredible way.

Our album is a luxury. Her work is worth every cent, without any doubt.”


M a r i a l e & N i g e l