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“Every wedding is unique and I feel lucky to be able to tell the story of such a magical day through imaginery.

To me, photographing a wedding is to feel it from the inside: all emotions have to be reflected in every shot.”


is part of my


Being the daugther of two photographers

has meant I am in the privileged position of having a


of the most important events in my life.

I would love to create


My aim is to capture your


photograph your gestures and gazes

and make those moments become


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For the discerning, unique and creative couples that are looking for their wedding photographs to reflect

their story,

their style,

and personality

For couples that find


in the most unexpected places, in the most intense feelings.

For those who believe that everything one does must have


For travel lovers and adventurous who believe

that the important is the experience,

not the destination.

For those who believe in


For those who sing in the shower at top volume, for those who cannot live without music.

For those who believe in


For those who like the smell of the sea and those who believe that aromas can take you to far away places.

For those who believe that art can be subtle and delicate yet intense.

For those who believe that full-moon nights are special or those who stop the world to watch the sun go down.

For all of us who believe in







My story

My name is Georgia Porredón and I am the second generation of photographers in my family. My mum was one of the first female professional photographers in Spain and has been a reference in social photography. From her, I inherited technique and composition as well as receiving a lot of invaluable advice, but, above all, an eye for the beautiful.

I adore Gilda, my energetic and sweet Fox Terrier who helps me keep my feet on the ground when, after I have spent many hours in front of the computer, she asks to go for a walk.

My start in the world of wedding photography was an unusual one: at the age of ten my mum would take me to the venues as her ‘assistant’. By the age of 14 I was shooting weddings professionally. It may sound like a cliché but I am passionate about weddings. I still remember the emotions that I felt during my first one, and the most marvellous thing is that I still feel exactly the same way.

I speak four languages so communicating with me is quite easy. If you live abroad we are only a flight, an email or a Skype call away, so please do not hesitate to contact me in order to give me more details about your wedding. I’ll be pleased to hear from you.